Departmental Development

Augment high performance

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High Performance Analysis (HPA)

The aim of our HPA diagnostic process is to:

  • Help you better understand the performance of your function, department, SBU or company
  • Develop focused customized interventions for improving the performance of your “business” and the people that work in it

The process is comprehensive and provides you with an integrated view of the factors influencing performance. It includes current performance, capacities, vision and mission, culture, and both the organisational and external context.

Multi-Stakeholder Process (MSP) Facilitation

MSP is an instrument for achieving development goals particularly when stakeholders with unique complementary strengths or core competencies add value to development efforts and pool their resources and assets in solving problems. An MSP is a process in which diverse actors (e.g. government agencies/departments, organisations, private actors, and others) collaborate to achieve a common goal.

They are designed for actions, initiatives or programmes that require cooperation among different stakeholders. What ever your challenge we can help you create a virtuous multi-stakeholder process.